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  • I have a specific colour scheme in mind, do you offer any other options?
    Absolutley. Our gifts have been designed in neutral colours however if you have a colour theme in mind, please get in touch via our contact us form to discuss your ideas. Although some of our products may be limited, if we can, we'll source different coloured products for bespoke orders or tailor our gifts to you using dried flowers and ribbons. Please allow 4-6 weeks for bespoke orders and please note that although we'll do our best to meet your vision there are some limitations. Additional costs and minimum orders may apply.
  • Are your gifts only for weddings?
    Although we are a wedding gifting brand, our gifts can be purchased for any occasion. None of our gifts mention anything wedding related to allow you to gift them to whoever you wish, making them perfect for birthdays, Mother's Day, congratulations or 'just because'.
  • What are your boxes made from?
    Our signature gift boxes are made from wood. Designed as keepsake boxes, our gifts allow you to store wedding memories or other items in a beautiful box for years to come. Produced in the UK by a company committed to a sustainable future, the wood is certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) to ensure the purchase of high quality timber in a sustainable manner with no net shift in the global carbon budget, planting more trees than they cut down.
  • Do you offer a bespoke branding service for my event or business?
    Yes - our boxes can be branded with your company logo or design. Whether you're a brand hosting an influencer launch event or a business sending out corporate gifting, our boxes can be tailored to you. Please note that a minimum order of 50 boxes is required for bespoke branded boxes and additional costs apply.
  • Can I order a gift to be delivered directly to my recipient?
    Yes of course - please order gifts being delivered to different addresses separately. We will never include a receipt so your recipient won't know how much you've spent. Please be aware that due to the nature of our gifts, some items may move slightly during transit and some may be individually wrapped for protection.
  • What wedding occasions can your gifts be used for?
    Our gifts can be used for any occasion be it wedding related or not. They're the perfect option for everything from engagements and congratulations, Bridesmaid and Maid of Honour proposals, for hen parties or celebrations, for the Bride-to-be in the lead up to the wedding or on the day and for the 'morning of' gifts.
  • Do you sell your products separately?
    We sell a number of items individually such as notebooks and planners but don't currently offer all of the items in our gifts as individual products. If you have an enquiry and would like to purchase certain items separately please get in touch to discuss your ideas.
  • How are your boxes packaged?
    Each of our wooden keepsake gift boxes are packaged with shredded paper holding your products, secured with a sliding wooden lid and tied with a bow. The colour of your ribbon and signature line drawn floral on the front of the box will depend on your choice of gift.
  • Can I order my gifts for a specific date?
    Yes of course. If you need your boxes quickly, please get in touch to find out whether it will be possible for us to deliver in time for your date or event. Alternatively if you would like to order your boxes for a date in the future, please send us an email once you've placed your order so that we can schedule them to arrive at a later date.
  • Can I choose which items are in my gift?
    The items in our gift boxes have been chosen to complement each other and to provide you with the perfect present. However if there are certain items that you've seen on our site and you'd like in your box please get in touch to discuss a bespoke order. As long as the items fit in the box we are always more than happy to tailor make an order for you.
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